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3 Facts You Didn't Know About Minecraft Iron Golems

Minecraft has a lot of secrets most people don't know about. However, did you know that Minecraft ALSO has a ton of different facts about mobs that are secret as well! Today we will be looking at the 3 facts you didn't know about iron golems.

Let's get into it!

1. Iron Golems can be built in ANY format

Iron Golems are big and FULL of iron, but did you know that you can actually build these mobs in any orientation you want? Well, you actually can! Everyone knows the normal way to make an iron golem, by making a cross shape with iron blocks, and then placing a pumpkin on top, but you can also build it on the ground as well.

See the photo below to see all of the ways you can make an iron golem, cause there is definitely a lot of them!

2. Iron Golems Give Poppies to Villagers

We all know that iron golems are very good at protecting us from enemies, but did you know that these guys have a loving heart?? IT'S TRUE!!! Sometimes when an iron golem patrols the village, they sometimes spawn a poppy flower into their hand, and they sometimes give the flower to a villager.

They are so friendly it's amazing!! That's why we love these critters.

3. Iron Golems CANNOT take Fall Damage OR Drowning Damage

A Cool fact you may not have known is that Iron Golems actually Cant take any fall damage, and they also cant drown. It's almost like they have superpowers!! It's incredible what these big guys have the ability to do and achieve.

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